IDEMIA, continues to deliver it 40-year mission to provide law enforcement agencies and authorities with innovative biometric identification solutions, with the launch of its newest product, the IDent 2.0, a compact handheld device that captures biometrics of potential suspects and identifies them in real-time.
Rapid identification in the field improves operational efficiency and keeps officers and the public safe by providing officers with an easy way to obtain a subject’s criminal history and warrant information. This data is also valuable across global law enforcement agencies, including border control authorities and often shared in an exchange of intelligence to minimise criminality crossing overseas.

A successor to the popular, IDEMIA MorphoIDent handheld device, this next generation version has been upgraded with a Federal Bureau of Investigation certified Fingerprint Acquisition Profile (FAP)-30 optical fingerprint sensor, with specialist capability for suspect photo capture with a larger display area with optional touchscreen, increased battery life, and a rear facing camera.

The IDent 2.0 is designed to capture up to 10 fingerprints, transfer biometric information to the Mobile Connection application and display results from multiple criminal databases. The IDent 2.0 can also be expanded to support the ability to read ISO compliant Mobile IDs.

Casey Mayfield, Senior Vice President, Justice and Public Safety, IDEMIA Identity and Security North America said: “As a long-time partner to the law enforcement community, we strive to continue to develop innovative products and solutions to aid officers in suspect identification and apprehension in a way that is quick, efficient, and safe. The IDent 2.0 checks all those boxes.”

IDEMIA had partnered with several law enforcement agencies, like the Sacramento County Sherriff’s Office to pilot the IDent 2.0.

According to Christie Fleeman, Regional Cal-ID Program Manager for Sacramento County, “Keeping our community and officers safe is our top priority. The newly released IDent 2.0 device makes it easier to capture great quality prints for quick identification. The upgrades have made this device extremely easy to use with overwhelmingly positive feedback from the field. With this next generation technology, IDEMIA has really heard the needs of the law enforcement community and produced a product that we will use throughout Sacramento County law enforcement agencies.”