The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued a fresh reminder to organisations of the benefits of using privacy-minding and decentralised technologies.

Mindful data systems and technologies facilitate many functions within businesses and public sector, ensuring verifiable users can have access to services with their data remaining protected. The UK’s independant body that upholds information rights in the public interest approves of the use of ‘trustworthy applications’ meanwhile not dampening innovation in enhancing security systems.

Privacy enhancing technologies are being elevated as the standard architecture which firms should integrate, allowing them to share anonymise personal information without access to detect fraud, money-laundering and related crimes.

The guidance is issued to sectors that use the most data, for example finance, healthcare, research, and central and local government. John Edwards, UK Information Commissioner commented: “if your organisation shares large volumes of data, particularly special category data, we recommend that over the next five years you start considering using PETs”.

“PETs enable safe data sharing and allow organisations to make the best use of the personal data they hold, driving innovation”.