Global technology trade organisation the International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) has urged strong coordination between United States and EU Commission negotiators involved in developing a new “Privacy Shield” agreement.The negotiators should ensure that the privacy system they develop represents a stable, predictable, and easily understandable regime which fosters data transfers between Europe and the United States, said the IBIA.On 2 February, the EU-US negotiating team announced that they had agreed on a new framework for data flows between Europe and the United States – the “Privacy Shield” agreement. Privacy Shield provides strong guidelines to facilitate the safe transfer of data between the EU and US, and calls for greater oversight of data transfers by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the US Department of Commerce.While the details of Privacy Shield have yet to be finalised and made public, IBIA sees this framework as an opportune moment for both the EU and US to arrive at a durable understanding on privacy that will be less disruptive to business. A strong, mutually beneficial, easily understood privacy system will help kindle a sense of trust in matters requiring sharing of critically important data such as biometrics.”The ongoing privacy policy battle between the US and EU continues to cause a great deal of uncertainty. That uncertainty is very disruptive to business on both sides of the Atlantic,” said Tovah LaDier, Managing Director of IBIA. “Coming to a common understanding on privacy will allow for more stable transatlantic data flows while encouraging international cooperation on critical matters of border security, the war on terror, and law enforcement.”During a time of unprecedented global migration and international terrorist threats, safe and trusted data flow between the EU and US will play an essential role in matters of national security. Such initiatives, however, are predicated on a common understanding of privacy, as well as a commitment to mutual trust and transparency.