The International Biometrics + Identity Association has produced a document expressing the concerns of the IBIA and urging the San Francisco City Council to repeal this provision of the city ordinance and suggest that the issue be reexamined before the ordinance takes effect.Earlier this year, legislators in San Francisco voted to ban the use of facial recognition, the first US city to do so. The emerging technology will not be allowed to be used by local agencies, such as the city's transport authority, or law enforcement. Additionally, any plans to buy any kind of new surveillance technology must now be approved by city administrators.”The International Biometrics + IdentityAssociation (IBIA) acknowledges that many people have concerns about privacyand anonymity that are rooted in moral and legal philosophies.”IBIA believes these are matters of opinion on which reasonable people maydisagree, and they should be resolved in the public sphere, with robust debatesbased on facts and evidence to inform these debates, not hypothetical 'what ifs'.”IBIA commends the San Francisco Council on its efforts to establish a public policyon surveillance, including advance approval by elected officials and transparency.”