HID Global, a provider of secure identity solutions, has announced the availability of its latest Direct-to-Card (DTC) FARGO DTC5500LMX ID Card Printer/Encoder.In a statement, HID wrote that the DTC5500LMX is the world's first Green Circle certified wasteless lamination printer; it enables 60 percent savings in energy consumption."The ID card personalization solution is designed to meet the high-volume, card issuance demands of large government agencies, universities, healthcare facilities and other large enterprises."The company also announced its new FARGO HDP5600 ID Card Printer/Encoder that builds upon its high definition printing (HDP) solutions for retail stores, recreation facilities, governments and other organizations focused on brand image and/or visual security.HID Global's eco-friendly DTC5500LMX ID card personalisation solution includes the company's "wasteless" lamination technology that significantly lowers card issuance costs, the company said. The new feature enables cost-conscious organizations to routinely issue secure, durable cards in high volumes without sacrificing quality."Customers can now leverage a secure and flexible issuance system that is cost-effective, maximizes card productivity and prints with greater image quality for an enhanced user experience," said Weijin Lee, regional director, Secure Issuance, APAC with HID Global."Designed to meet the needs of budget-conscious organisations, the DTC5500LMX provides a 60 percent energy savings, while the HDP5600 delivers superior text and image quality with the added flexibility to upgrade as customer needs change due to its modular design."