Google developers have filed a patent for a contact lens that would gather data on iris features from a wearer, creating an “iris fingerprint”.The system uses in-built light and power sources to gather an iris image, using these patterns to then authenticate or identify a user.The patent does not go into further detail about how the data will be transmitted. Last July, Google announced it was working with Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis on smart contact lens technology.Also last year, Planet Biometrics reported on plans to integrate an iris scanner into Google Glasses.In the biometric patent, filed by former Google company Motorola Mobility on 20 November, it is proposed that a “imager” be added to the inside of Google Glass lenses that would capture eye feature images of one or both eyes.”The user can then be authenticated based on a comparison of the eye feature images to a biometric template of the user. The eye feature may include iris images, retina images, and/or eye vein images.”