Gentex Corporation will demonstrate a new connected car featuring biometric security at an upcoming trade show.The in-vehicle biometrics system authenticates the driver with an iris scan to deliver customized security, comfort and convenience features. The system consists of a rearview mirror that houses near-infrared emitters, an iris-scanning camera, and system-level intelligence.Upon entering the vehicle, a glance to the mirror by an authorized user would the allow the vehicle to operate, and then personalize setup by automatically adjusting seat position, HVAC controls, music favorites, GPS locations, and other cabin amenities, according to user-determined presets. The biometric system could then sanction safe, secure access to a host of cloud-based, connected-vehicle services, like home automation control, tolling, in-vehicle payments, etc.”The driver's eyes are key to securing and customizing the in-vehicle, connected-car experience,” said Steve Downing, Gentex president and chief operating officer. “By knowing exactly who is behind the wheel, automakers can implement vehicle security, personalize the vehicle cabin, and secure access to cloud-based accounts, apps, and additional connected-car services.”The car also features digital rear vision systems, in-vehicle payments with Visa, and other emerging automotive features ready for automaker implementation into new vehicles.Gentex is a long-time supplier of electro-optical products for the global automotive industry. It supplies nearly every major automaker with connected-car technologies and advanced electronic features that optimize driver vision and enhance driving safety.”Last year at CES, we unveiled several new prototype technologies that garnered lots of attention from automakers,” said Downing, Gentex president and chief operating officer. “This year we'll be demonstrating fully functional, vehicle-integrated versions of these same features, along with exciting new technology that is currently under development.”