French smartcard maker Gemalto has confirmed that it will deliver its Sealys eID card and Coesys Issuance solution to Uruguay for the country's eID program.The eID card will feature biometric “Match-on-Card” technology, as well as a microprocessor and digital signature that can be used on the country's eGovernment services.Because it is ICAO-compliant, the card will also be an official travel document within the Mercosur and associated countries.”Our goal is to improve the official identity document and to boost usage of our eGovernment platform,” said Eduardo Bonomi, Minister of Interior of Uruguay.”We also wanted to position ourselves at the forefront of innovation by implementing polycarbonate documents with contact and contactless microprocessors, including advanced digital signature and identity applications, as well as Match-on-Card technology. In addition, we will meet ICAO's requirements to all electronic travel documents with on-the-spot delivery of the new, highly secure eID card to our citizens.”JÉrôme Desbois, Vice President of Government Programs for Latin America at Gemalto, said: “Online services in Uruguay increased 55% from 2012-14 and the country is also recognized for the high quality of its third level education in the areas of technology and computing.”He added: “With this program, it becomes one of the first countries in Latin America to deploy an identity document that complies with the latest international security standards.”