GEMADEC, a North African technology company with more than 40 years of experience as an international reference for digital transformation serving the banking, postal and government sectors and with a track record in financial and public sector identity projects, and Daon, a global leader in biometric identity technology and specialist in user authentication, digital onboarding and voice biometrics in the call center, have set up a mobile application with facial recognition technology on behalf of the Moroccan Interprofessional Pension Fund (CIMR).For CIMR, GEMADEC implemented a life certificate digitalization solution, which provides proof of life through facial recognition technology using Daon's IdentityX® Platform.CIMR offers its beneficiaries a mobile application called “CIMR DIALCOM” in which they can -among other things- “Testify of their life” via a dynamic selfie. Once downloaded, the application is configured on the smartphone of the beneficiary, who can enroll autonomously through his biometric passport by following the operating mode displayed by the application, or by going directly to a CIMR agency, to carry out this operation with the help of a CIMR agent. Thus, the mobile application automatically captures the identity information of the biometric passport and extracts in the ID photo securely. This photo is compared “biometrically” with the photo taken with the smartphone of the beneficiary (selfie). This selfie is called dynamic because it incorporates “life challenges”: eye blinks and head movements that the pensioner is invited to do face to his smartphone. The application reliably detects that the person is alive and verifies the pensioner's identity and then authorizes payment of the pension.Through this mobile application, which is part of its digitalization policy, GEMADEC and Daon allow CIMR to revolutionize the certificate of life and simplify the procedure for pensioners and their payments. This technological revolution opens the horizon to several business applications at the service of banks and financial institutions in general that will allow them to authorize payment transactions through biometric authentication.