G+D Mobile Security has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with payments and transactional services firm Worldline, to cooperate in the field of Industrial IoT (IIoT) security.As part of this agreement, G+D Mobile Security`s CPS (Cyber Physical System) Protect will be integrated in the Codex Connectivity Platform (CCP) by Worldline to act as a gatekeeper and security solution for devices that connect to the platform."This partnership enables customers to create secure IIoT innovation in their existing environment," said Alois Kliner, head of the Cyber Security Division at G+D Mobile Security. "G+D Mobile Security and Worldline combine their respective experience and power to move IIoT or Industry 4.0 in an absolutely secure and convenient direction."According to G+D, Worldline's Codex Connectivity Platform is a connectivity layer that can be integrated into any Industrial IoT or remote service application framework. It provides secure bi-directional data exchange between industrial devices and remote backends or Cloud platforms, thus enabling a variety of Industrial IoT/Industry 4.0 use cases, such as remote servicing, condition monitoring, device lifecycle management, product usage analysis and predictive maintenance. It is the next generation of a platform that currently connects more than 350,000 business critical machines (medical devices, gas turbines, steam turbines, traffic systems, etc.) and enables remote servicing of these devices in an efficient and secure way. CPS Protect will enable legacy devices that can not carry a CCP secure client to securely connect to the platform.G+D says its CPS Protect enables secure edge computing. It provides a number of security services that range from firewalls to intrusion detection systems. CPS Protect has been designed for a fully networked security solution for industrial systems. It consists of a combination of high-quality industrial grade hardware components, a high-security governmental grade software environment as well as long-term support over the entire machine lifecycle, which could be more than 30 years. The solution has been in use for more than a decade in industries such as mining, paper and financial industries."We are pleased to enhance our Industrial IoT offering with CPS Protect," said Niels De Schutter, head of the Business Division Connected Living and Mobility at Worldline. "It will allow us to offer a multitude of end-to-end connectivity scenarios in a secure way. I am convinced that the combined experience of G+D Mobile Security and Worldline will serve our customers in the Industrial IoT space very well."