Japanese tech giant Fujitsu is in talks over biometric solutions with an Australian bank and a New Zealand healthcare provider, according to Australian media.According to Australian newspaper ARN, the interest has been piqued by Fujitsu's PalmSecure palm vein reader.The newspaper also reports that the firm is developing a Biometric Access Control solution with Aervision Technologies for the Gold Coast City Council.Fujitsu says its proprietary biometric sensor not only measures vein patterns in a subjects hand, but also blood flow, creating a level of security higher than passwords, facial recognition technology, or fingerprint and retinal scanners.Known as PalmSecure ID Match, the authentication technology combines multi-factor verification of card and PIN with the individual's unique palm-vein scan to maximise security.On 2 April, Fujitsu revealed a new biometric device which can scan palm veins and cards to authenticate transactions.