Sweden's Fingerprint Cards has released an anti-spoofing solution called FPCLiveTouch that the biometric firm says will further improves security for fingerprint sensors.Without giving too much detail on how it works, the firm has said FPCLiveTouch is compatible with all released touch fingerprint sensors in FPC's product portfolio.FPC simply said that the solution “takes advantage of the industry leading image quality of FPC's fingerprint sensors ߪ [and] increases the security by being able to detect spoofs, and rejecting the use of such spoofs when verifying the user”.The solution is being commercially released in the first quarter of 2016 and deliveries to lead customers have started, enabling FPC's customers to progressively introduce FPCLiveTouch in their products.Jörgen Lantto, President and CEO of FPC, comments: “FPCLiveTouchis the result of our R&D team showing its leadership in this industry. FPCLiveTouch will enable our customers to further extend the security level of their offering without compromising convenience. Our complete system offering combining our industry leading image quality with our software and algorithm is the reason we can bring this solution forward. This makes us confident we can maintain our technology leadership into the future”.