Redrock Biometrics announces today that it has been selected by FalconPro Technology ., a worldwide leader in barcode technology, to co-develop a tokenless large-scale palm-based biometric identification solution for mass transportation and payments.FalconPro Technology is a leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of barcode technology, including barcode scanners, mobile computers and software solutions. FalconPro's products include one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode scanning modules, scanning guns and PDA's. Their products are widely used in a variety of industries including mobile payment, commercial circulation, self-service terminal equipment, healthcare, etc. As a founding member of Chinese Automatic Fare Collection System Association, FalconPro provides QR code based digital ticketing solutions to multiple metro and high-speed rail services in China.”We are collaborating with Redrock Biometrics to create a hardware and software system to conduct pilot projects with large customers in the payments and public transportation industries,” said Xun You, CEO of FalconPro. “Redrock's advanced palm-print biometric solution provides dramatically better accuracy and ease of use over competitive technologies that FalconPro requires to expand our product offerings beyond barcode technology.”Redrock Biometrics will provide palm identification software via PalmID and FalconPro Technologies will provide the camera module that can simultaneously capture images of palm prints and palm veins.Redrock Biometrics' technology allows for the combination of palm prints and/or subdermal veins, captured by a standard RGB camera and/or infrared camera, to produce a highly unique palm signature that is impossible to fake. Proprietary PalmID algorithms are capable of matching a newly captured palm signature with millions of previously registered signatures stored in a database in a fraction of a second.”This joint project leverages Redrock and FalconPro's expertise in biometric software and imaging hardware,” said Hua Yang, Redrock Biometrics' co-founder. “We are excited to be a part of such an important initiative to create a true contactless/tokenless authentication and identification solution. In a world that sees a large portion of the population wearing facemasks and avoiding touching, both parties see palms as the biometrics of choice in public settings.”