FaceTec, a leader in 3D Face Authentication software, and Gulf Data International (gDi), a leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region, have entered into a five-year partnership agreement to provide FaceTec's acclaimed biometric authentication platform for federal and other large scale digital identity projects.gDi, founded in 1983, is a highly respected technology integrator providing compliance, CRM, ERP, financial, transportation, office automation services to important MENA global business hubs, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Cairo.”gDi is proud to have partnered with FaceTec, the global leader in Face Authentication technology,”, said Sherine Sadek, Chief Executive Officer. “Their software enables all the important Identity related use cases in the region to come to life, as organizations will finally have the confidence needed in their biometric authentication provider to deploy widely.”Omar Atta, Chief Commercial Officer of gDi, added, “FaceTec is providing an enhanced security process, which is becoming the industry standard in the modern technology sector, due to their worldwide list of prestigious clients. Collaborating with FaceTec to bring their solution to this region will finally allow biometric authentication to flourish as it should, as it ensures the market will be using one of the best technologies available to maintain high security standards while greatly enhancing user experience.”FaceTec's world-leading Liveness and 3D Face Matching AI will be integrated into major digital identity programs to safely enable high-value online activities that include banking and finance, remote working, healthcare, and government ID programs. To meet the exceptionally high standards for this level of user authentication, demonstrably strong and reliable biometric authentication technology backed by a continuous Spoof Bounty Program, and the experience that comes from hundreds of millions of Liveness Checks, is required.”We are excited to be working with gDi, a trusted and highly-regarded integration partner in the MENA region,” said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FaceTec. “The upcoming integration projects we will undertake with gDi require solutions that have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance and security, and have beaten out dozens of other vendors from around the world. We look forward to providing the most advanced 3D Face Authentication solution possible for such important, forward-thinking deployments.”