FacePhi has signed a new agreement with HSBC Uruguay, forming a partnership that helps FacePhi entering the country.The subsidiary is part of the HSBC Group, which is regarded as one of the world's largest financial and banking services organizations.The deployment of FacePhi facial recognition technology will allow customers of the financial institution to access their accounts and private areas just making a selfie, with no need to use of a numerical password. For this purpose, HSBC Uruguay will include Selphi and SelphID products, a technology with the highest security index within the market.Thus, users of banking applications, both through the mobile and web channels, will be able to authenticate their identity and access the services offered by this banking company. The application of this disruptive technology improves the customer's user experience and also streamlines the identification process and services onboarding.With this last agreement, the number of FacePhi customers has increased, exceeding thirty financial institutions worldwide. Today, the technology company serves more than 6 million users and carries out more than 500 million authentications through its biometrics systems.