Ubiquitous cloud storage provider Extenua has revealed that it will partner with multimodal biometrics firm ImageWare on an enterprise grade, end-to-end secure cloud storage platform.Known as Extenua Cloud2Drive, the platform requires no VPNs, gateways or other appliance-based hardware, and features real-time cloud vendor migration services.Extenua's secure cloud storage will be integrated with ImageWare's GoVerifyID solution, which provides out-of-band multimodal biometric authentication from a user's mobile device.GoVerifyID uses multiple biometric modalities including facial and voice data, which are stored anonymously in the cloud to prevent device-hacking.”Partnering with Extenua makes advanced biometric authentication for cloud storage a reality,” said, Jim Miller, Imageware Chairman and CEO.”Biometric authentications including voice, eye, signature, fingerprint and facial recognition, provide an additional enterprise-grade security layers and fraud defense for cloud storage users. Biometrics also delivers the most effective, most seamless security solution for mobile data and users.”