Gemalto says it has been selected by Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) to make mobile banking transactions easier to use. Using Gemalto's facial biometric authentication solution – Mobile Protector – DNP has started to offer facial recognition to secure access to its mobile banking apps. This enables banking customers to log on to mobile banking services upon successful facial authentication.Gemalto's 2017 eBanking Trends research found that 68% of banks plan to implement facial recognition over the next five years. 80% of surveyed consumers perceived biometrics to be more secure than the traditional username and password combination. Biometric-based payments are expected to grow in Japan in the next few years. One recent example of this is the Japanese government's recent launched of a biometric-based payment scheme aimed at travellers and visitors, in a bid to spur inbound tourism."In Japan, we have seen more and more consumers accessing financial services through their mobile device. But in the meantime, users are also increasingly concerned about security," says Kunimitsu Sato, deputy general manager, Dai Nippon Printing. "By incorporating Gemalto's facial recognition, the solution can bolster mobile banking security and provide a mobile authentication method customers love and trust. This should dramatically and significantly increase mobile banking usage.""We are pleased to continue our partnership with DNP and help it provide more secure mobile banking transactions," says Michael Au, senior vice president, Banking and Payment Asia, Gemalto. "Our eBanking Trends research showed that 55% of consumers are willing to use biometric security measures for mobile banking, and banks in Japan can gain a competitive edge by adopting biometric authentication."