Digitus Biometrics has launched a new server access control solution featuring RFID card reader technology.The solution, called db MultiCardLock, is a multi-class card reader, integrated into a standard swing-handle lock for server cabinet protection.db MultiCardLock-HF is capable of reading a wide range of high frequency card formats including iClass SE/SR/Legacy, Mifare, DESFire and iClass Seos. It can output Wiegand data and offers the option for customers to dynamically update firmware to take advantage of upcoming future enhancements. Alternatively, db MultiCardLock-HFLF features all of the same product attributes with the added capability of reading low frequency prox cards.The release of the db MultiCardLock products coincides with the recent launch of db DualLock, a dual-factor authentication solution also installed at the cabinet door and which features both the new standard in RFID smartcard technology as well as biometric fingerprint authentication.”We've been innovating to expand our access control product suite to feature leading edge developments in the industry,” added Marsden. “Data center security is a dynamic field with an ever changing landscape of new technologies and compliance requirements. At Digitus, we like to say that we secure access from the front door to the cabinet door, which essentially describes a multi-layer approach to the protection of critical IT assets. The latest generation of RFID smartcards extend anti-counterfeiting and encryption capabilities, and when paired with the authentication of biometric credentials, we're able to take access control to an entirely new level.”