What Is a Digital Nomad Visa?

What Is a Digital Nomad Visa? Digital Nomad Visas are a functional ID that aligns with the world’s new norm of remote working from any location which arose during the pandemic and now complements a preferred lifestyle that many aspire to have.

Applicants obtaining a digital Nomad Visa tend to be attracted to the flexibility and freedom that this lifestyle offers and are able to travel extensively to any location and connect to work remotely. However, the Digital Nomad Visa is not a path to gaining citizenship or permanent residency in any country.

It differs event to temporary or long-stay residence visas which allow holders to physically work or live in a foreign country.

Many of these individuals are highly skilled professionals and freelancers that are enabled by having an e-Nomad Visa to stay in a country for a duration of 12 months, which depending on the issuing country can be extended for up to one or more years.

Digital nomads are flourishing due to the growing trends of virtual working and home-schooling making the lifestyle appealing, and appealing to countries that have damaged tourism economies after the pandemic.

Which countries offer Digital Nomad visas?

Several countries arguably obtain the top position for being a great destination to travel and work from remotely as a Digital Nomad visa holder including Georgia which has no visa requirements upon entry where professionals can stay for up to 365 days.

There are conditions on holders to prove occupation and disclose a minimum salary of $2,000 a month or savings of $24,000 on a bank statement. Holders who stay beyond 183 days in Georgia also incur tax duties as a a tax resident paying a medium 20% rate in income tax.

Croatia offers a low-cost option similar but not technically a Digital Nomad Visa to live and remotely work for a period up to 12 months. Non-EU applicants that have steady employment by foreign companies or are freelance meet the eligible criteria. Information on how to apply and what is needed can be found here: https://nomadgirl.co/croatia-digital-nomad-visa-process-requirements/

Other countries enabling an international remote working lifestyle include:

  • Estonia – 1 year visa
  • Costa Rica – with a 2-year Rentista visa for digital Nomads
  • Norway – 2-year Independant Contractor Visa
  • Mexico
  • Portugal
  • Iceland – 6 months, 90 days if applications are made from the Schengen area
  • Argentina
  • The Czech Republic – for a short 1 year stay
  • Germany – 3 year Freelance visa
  • Portugal – valid for 1 year, renew up to 5 years
  • Spain – passing legislation (January 2023) for a 1 year visa
  • Malta – non-EU workers can apply for 1 year visa
  • Plus many more…

View all 53 participating countries: https://nomadgirl.co/countries-with-digital-nomad-visas/

To find out more about which countries offer Digital Nomad Visas and how to apply, visit: https://visaguide.world/digital-nomad-visa/