US lawmakers have said Government Accountability Office must examine how face recognition technology is being used both commercially and in law enforcement,The call comes after a scandal in which face recognition tech incorrectly identified a senator as a criminal.Lawmakers wrote an open letter this weel about the use of facial recognition and its impact on privacy rights, underscoring, in particular, the “disparate treatment of minority and immigrant communities within the United States.””Given the recent advances in commercial facial recognition technology-and its expanded use by state, local, and federal law enforcement, particularly the FBI and Immigration and Customs and Enforcement-we ask that you investigate and evaluate the facial recognition industry and its government use,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter to Gene Dodaro, head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). The congressional watchdog's prior research into facial recognition, they said, has been instrumental in educating the public and Congress “as to the use, and possible misuse, of these technologies.”The lawmakers asked the GAO to investigate which authorities are using which kind of face recognition tool and what types of legal safeguards are in place to prevent violations of privacy of individuals subjected to the technology.Senator Markey and Congressmen Luis GutiÉrrez and Mark DeSaulnier also wrote to Amazon asking it to address many of the same questions the GAO is being asked to investigate now. “While facial recognition services might provide a valuable law enforcement tool, the efficacy and impact of the technology are not yet fully understood,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.