Datasoft, a leading cloud-based foreign exchange and global payments platform provider, today announced they have entered into a strategic partnership with Vouched, an award-winning provider of AI-powered identity verification. The implementation of Vouched real-time visual identity proofing complements Datasoft's growing digital KYC and onboarding platform.Through the COVID-19 pandemic and after, adopting innovative digital technologies as an alternative to traditional account opening procedures is vital to reduce customer onboarding friction without compromising high standards of compliance. Integrating Vouched document identity scanning technology and biometric facial recognition onto the Datasoft FxOffice platform delivers a seamless and secure user experience.”We are very excited to be working with Vouched. Their real-time visual identity verification is impressive and brings us a big step closer to a truly frictionless customer onboarding experience. To keep pace with growth in digital KYC, Datasoft continues to explore innovative approaches to build on top of our digital KYC and onboarding platform,” said Rahim Harji CEO of Datasoft.”Datasoft is a leader in financial technology and global payments, and we are honored to partner with them,” said Vouched Co-Founder and CEO, John Baird. “By helping Datasoft verify customers worldwide, verification becomes faster and more secure, providing financial access to customers anywhere and at anytime, helping Vouched achieve its vision of becoming the world's leading identity verification platform.”A graduate of Creative Destruction Labs in spring 2020, Vouched has experienced rapid adopted across businesses in banking and money service businesses, healthcare, and the gig and sharing economy. The speed and rigor of Vouched's AI-powered identity verification earned it an award for Top KYC Solution from CIO Banking Outlook.