From today, Danes can leave their physical driving license at home in the drawer when driving a car. Read here how you can download and use the new driving license app.Danes no longer need to remember the physical driving license when driving a car in Denmark. With the new Driving License app, it will now be possible to leave the physical driving license at home in the drawer, and use the app as an ID instead.The app is a digital version of the driving license that works both as a valid driving license in Denmark and as an ID certificate similar to the well-known pink driving license.The Driving License app is ready for download in the App Store and Google Play and can be downloaded by all Danes with a valid Danish driving license and passport.The new driving license app is not a replacement for the printed driving license, but is a voluntary offer for those who want to use a digital solution. You must also keep your physical driving license once you have downloaded the app. If you want to drive a car outside Denmark's borders, you must continue to bring the physical driving license.The app has been developed by the Danish Digitization Agency under the Ministry of Finance in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, the Danish Transport Authority, the Ministry of Justice and the National Police.Once you have downloaded the app, open it on your phone. Then you must log in with your NemID. You can use both the NemID key app or the NemID key card.Once you have logged in with NemID, you will be asked to activate your digital driving license. You do this by scanning your passport with your phone.The driving license will be the first ID proof in Denmark to go digital. During 2021, the yellow health card will also be launched in a digital version.Since 2018, Danes have also been able to use their NemID key card as an app for smartphones. 2.8 million Danes today use the NemID key app.