Delivering a unique presentation during the conference on cutting-edge biometrics, we are delighted to announce Matt Davies, Deputy Executive Director, CBP onto the schedule for Identity Week America 2023, who will join a much broader conversation and dialogue around the ethics and innovation around real world applications of biometrics. 

Matthew oversees multiple national-level programs related to admissibility enforcement and traveler facilitation in addition to serving as a primary point of contact for engagement between the travel industry and OFO.He was instrumental in leading the implementation of Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks for CBP processing at ORD – the first U.S. airport to adopt this technology innovation.

He will participate in an open panel session on 4 October, 2023, showcasing the latest innovations in biometric technologies and highlighting the rapid evolution of biometric modalities beyond traditional fingerprint and facial recognition. The participants will analyse the unique advantages and drawbacks of each of these types of biometric technologies.

  • Paul Hunter, Chief Executive Officer, Craefte LLC
  • Tadgh Smith, Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) for Technology and Transformation,U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Matt Davies, Deputy Executive Director, CBP
  • Brian Broderick, Division Chief, USCIS
  • Jay Meil, Chief Data Scientist, SAIC
  • Stephanie Schuckers, Professor, Clarkson University

Andrew Bud CBE, the founder and CEO of iProov, a leading London-based provider of large-scale face-based authentication services, will also be delivering a presentation on 4 October. iProov technology is used for effortless onboarding and authentication by the US Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, the NHS, GovTech Singapore, ING and Eurostar.