Curaçao International Airport has rolled out a self-service passenger clearance solution to expedite border control processes at both arrivals and departures.With the aim of improving the experience of the 350,000 European and North American tourists who pass through the airport every year, Curaçao Airport Holding (CAH) selected Vision-Box as its partner to implement a full-fledged ABC system. KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean coordinated the project.The airport is experiencing an exponential growth in the number of leisure and business travellers. This, combined with its strategic plan to expand the number of passengers it can handle annually from 1.6 to 2.5 million, led it to it rolling out an intelligent passenger flow system.The system allows local travellers and tourists (staying up to three months) aged over 18 and holding a European, Canadian or US ePassport to use the eGates and control their own clearance process, authenticating their passport and identity through facial biometric verification.On approaching the eGate and selecting their flight, passengers validate their passports using a document reader. They then look at a camera, which automatically captures a biometric photo of their facial features, and this is verified against the information stored in their passport chip.A common-use-based orchestration platform connecting all passenger touchpoints provides border guards with a real-time view of passengers' individual clearance processes, as well as centralised control and optimisation of the whole security infrastructure. According to Vision-Box, this guarantees reliable identification of travellers and persons of interest, process exception handling and the overall monitoring metrics of traveller flows, through scalable data analytics.This software suite is interfaced to a new electronic embarkation/disembarkation system. It also natively integrates with the Airport Operational Data Base (AODB) flight list supplied by Curaçao Airport Partners and the Border Management System of the Curaçao Police Force (Korps Politie Curaçao) for improved real-time passenger background checks, including Advance Passenger Information (API) on arrival."Curaçao International Airport is now endowed with a future-proof technological framework that guarantees improved security and the expedited flow of low-risk passengers, thus establishing the sustainable foundations of the island's planned growth," says Jean-François Lennon, vice-president for Global Business Development and Sales, Vision-Box.Wilhelmus Ignacio, interim director at Curaçao Airport Holding, says: "The eGates allow the airport to become more modern, inviting passengers to enjoy easy border control checks. Aside from this benefit, it also allows airport stakeholders to increase security, facilitate travel and enhance border system integrity. It's a transformation that is placing Curaçao International Airport at the forefront of innovation in airport management and passenger experience in the region."