Biometric identity management and secure authentication solutions firm Crossmatch has announced its mobile NOMAD 60 Wireless Reader received the FBI Appendix F and Mobile Identification FAP 60 certifications.”The NOMAD 60 Wireless Reader delivers true mobility wrapped with the thoughtful design and reliability that are Crossmatch hallmarks,” noted John Hinmon, vice president of marketing. “We offer complete flexibility and mobility during in-field identification and verification applications. Law enforcement, border control and military users are not encumbered by power and communication cords, light sensitivity or hard to use smaller platen formats – those hassles don't exist with NOMAD.”In a statement, the firm noted that NOMAD readers utilize a capacitive thin-film transistor sensor for superior outdoor and bright ambient light performance and are not impacted by tattooed or stained fingers.The FAP 60 format facilitates rapid fingerprint collection of non-cooperative subjects and those with large hands.For over twenty years, Crossmatch has been an industry innovator and trusted provider to government agencies and law enforcement personnel around the world. The Company has built a solid reputation for biometric handheld solutions that reliably capture high-quality print images for these critical identity applications, often under some of the harshest conditions.