Biometric identity solutions specialist Crossmatch has reached its 20th anniversary in the identity and authentication market.In a statement, the company noted that its roots – Cross Match Technologies and DigitalPersona – stretch back to 1996, when both companies earned reputations as pioneers in biometric livescan enrollment and high-security identity provisioning and authentication.”Cross Match Technologies and DigitalPersona both played key roles in critical events that have redefined identity in the modern world – from ensuring homeland security following the rise of terrorist attacks around the world, to enabling assured identity for secure digital access in today's evolving cyber landscape that is plagued by hackers” the firm noted.”We are proud of our 20-year legacy of leadership and innovation in the industry,” said Richard Agostinelli, Crossmatch CEO. “We are excited to honor this heritage with our next-generation DigitalPersona Altus multi-factor authentication solution. Altus provides an agile framework that will enable organizations to quickly adapt to solve their identity management challenges – today and for the next 20 years.”Earlier this month, Crossmatch announced that El Paso Area Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU) is deploying the Crossmatch DigitalPersona Altus authentication solution throughout its branch locations.