The Colorado Rockies baseball team has installed a ticket lane with fingerprint readers at its Coors Field stadium, saying the biometric technology will improve convenience and security for their fans.The “Rockies” have installed Fast Access – a programme powered by the biometric identity program Clear, which is used for faster airport security lines in the US.Fans using a special access lane will be able to use a biometric scanner on an iPad to confirm their identity.This year the San Francisco Giants also began using Fast Access, starting this season with 1,500 season-ticket holders at AT&T Park and expanding to about 3,000.”Our goal was to make the process as seamless, efficient and painless as possible, and we knew we could use technology to ease that,” Giants' senior vice president Jason Pearl told the Denver Post.Clear said it is looking into additional features whereby the biometric security check can also lead to personalisation of the game experience.”We have the ability to enable preferences and biometric payments – in the future you can trigger delivery of a hot dog and a beer to be delivered to your seat as you enter the ball park with the payment automatically charged to your account on file – all with the touch of a finger enabled by our platform,” Clear president Ken Cornick told the newspaper.