German face recognition specialists Cognitec have launched an IP camera that features integrated face detection and tracking technology.Cognitec says the FaceVACS-VideoScan C5 camera can be used for high-resolution, real-time face recognition, even though it just requires low computing hardware and bandwidth resources.”Currently, users of high-resolution machine vision cameras require constant high bandwidth to receive uncompressed face images for optimal recognition performance. ߪ Typical surveillance cameras with moderate bandwidth requirements produce compressed images, leading to decreased biometric performance,” wrote Cognitec.The firm says that the FaceVACS-VideoScan camera combines the advantages of the options above: the high image quality of machine vision cameras and moderate bandwidth requirements of surveillance cameras.The camera also performs real-time, gapless face detection/tracking and generates lossless, cropped video streams for all faces appearing in front of the camera.In February, Cognitec said a new recognition engine the firm has developed would bring a “significant” performance boost to its FaceVACS-DBScan product. Cognitec says that research and development for the B9 algorithm focused on significant performance improvement for images with low resolution or taken in less controlled environments – often a crucial aspect for law enforcement applications.FaceVACS-DBScan is used to compare still images from various sources to those stored in multi-million image databases and view match lists. The application is used for ID management, allowing passport, visa and national ID agencies to compare new facial images to existing databases, find duplicates and errors, and avert identity fraud.