Augmented reality firm Blippar has added face recognition to its image recognition-based app.Currently Blippar displays additional information after being porinted at physical objects, but it will soon be able to also add information about people.The new feature will only unlock a profile if the face being scanned belongs to a person with an existing AR profile.The company says it has also created profiles for over 70,000 public figures for the launch. Users will eventually be able to set up their own profile via the app's selfie mode, although that hasn't launched yet.Blippar unlocks digital content to bring physical objects to life. It rewards our curiosity with engaging experiencesThe new technology enables users to scan or “Blipp” faces – either in-person, or a printed photo, or television – through their smartphone cameras to unlock a “unique augmented reality experience for people who have a recognized face profile” the company said in a press release.Ambarish Mitra, co-founder & CEO at Blippar said in a statement: “Augmented Reality Face Profiles will change the way we communicate and express ourselves. Our face is our most expressive form of communication and with this release we are allowing this to become digital for the first time. Our facial recognition technology combined with our knowledge graph enables people to express themselves through the things they love, including their hobbies, opinions, key fun facts, and so much more. This is a new, unique and fun way of showing who you are and of learning more about others.”