Hungarian security company, BioSec has announced that a new solution to skip queues is on its way.The company is developing a biometric fast lane solution for events of all shapes and sizes to reduce waiting times and improve user experience.BioSec has said its latest development will provide simple, secure and fast access to any event from sports events to concerts and exhibitions, just to name a few.The BioSec system enables less queuing and faster authentication with one of the most advanced biometric technologies, palm vein recognition.By using BioSec's fast lane solution, attendees only need their hands to get inside the venue, where they simply put their hands above a contactless vein sensor. To skip queues, visitors should register only once in a lifetime (venues can be connected) and pay a registration fee to enjoy the benefits of the fast lane service.The biometric authentication takes only a second, which is faster than using tickets or cards and it cannot be copied, stolen or lost. In addition, the BioSec system provides a higher security level, as it creates 100% personalised tickets, thus only entitled users can access the event venue (banned people can be recognised and kept outside with the greatest certainty).”Besides the high security level, palm vein recognition is also a convenience solution. Combined with ease of use and fast authentication time, it is truly a perfect solution for any event.” – says BioSec Group CEO, PÉter Györgydeák. In addition, the company's fast lane solution can be either deployed as a fix solution (e.g. integrated into turnstiles) or as a mobile, wireless system, both in indoor and outdoor environments.Since BioSec's biometric fast lane solution is planned to be launched in 2019 Q2, event-goers have to wait a little bit more to skip queues. Until then, they can enjoy the benefits of the BioSec system in other fields of life, from biometric computer login to physical access control, just to name a few.