The Biometrics Institute is proud to present its flagship Showcase Australia, to be held at the Hotel Realm in Canberra on Wednesday 18 November, 2015. This 1 day conference focuses on the role of biometrics for government agencies in Australia. If you are interested in attending or sponsoring the event, please contact steven@biometricsinstitute.orgThis year's conference proposes to discuss topics like implications for biometric applications with the government shift towards digital delivery of services and engagement with the public, the increasing role of biometrics in the policing and law enforcement functions with heightened security concerns, mobile biometric applications and technology developments.Since its establishment in 2001, the Biometrics Institute has played a key role in promoting the responsible use of biometrics. As a trusted and impartial membership body, major biometric end users are assured that our conferences and member meetings provide an important platform for information exchange, education and connection to service providers.To register your interest, please do so at