Kindergartens in east China have been introducing biometric security in a bid to increase safety during school pick-ups and drop-offs.The chairman of the firm that is implementing the tech, Mao Wenfeng from chairman of Jiangsu Sanyuan Educational Enterprise, told Global Times that the facial and fingerprint recognition is being used on parents collecting their children.”Potential security problems exist as it is difficult for us to identify who is picking up the children,” said Wang Fei, principal of Qixia District No. 1 Experimental Kindergarten in Nanjing. “Using biometric technology can help ensure children's safety, which is our priority.” The system can stories six people's biometric information per child, according to Mao.A series of uncoordinated mass stabbings, hammer attacks, and cleaver attacks in Chinese school between March 2010 and late 2012 left at least 25 dead and some 115 injured.