Arjo Systems has launched SKYLAM, a prelaminated card inlay which enables card manufacturers and security printers to create clear windows in polycarbonate documents.The company says: "Combined with other security features or simply used to laser engrave card holders' secondary portraits, clear windows are being adopted worldwide as a trend to elevate documents' overall security. However, building quality windows industrially is very often expensive and complicated. It involves complex and slow manufacturing processes, additional chip yield losses, increased material wastage and usually fastidious manual operations. Arjo Systems has developed Skylam to bypass these hurdles in a snap."It adds: "Skylam inlays possess pre-built windows, where shapes and locations can be customised to meet design needs and fit with production layouts. They are used exactly as contactless card prelaminates would be, thus assembled and laminated with standard card making equipment. Skylam inlays are compatible with dual-interface, contactless, contact and chipless constructions.""Use of Skylam inlays is virtually plug-and-play," says Manuel Deloche, VP Government ID, Arjo Systems. "Any card manufacturer or national printer already working with polycarbonate would then be able to produce high-end, secure cards with windows in a record time, while meeting the most stringent international durability standards. Skylam eliminates the need for machine CAPEX or R&D and provides more design capabilities than traditional window-making techniques. This innovation makes high-end technologies available to local document makers worldwide, and is naturally the perfect companion for SOMA, our eID chip OS range."