Apple is developing fingerprint sensors that are incorporated into HD retina screens rather than on a separate button, say chipmakers in Taiwan, reports local media.Taiwan chipmakers told DigiTimes that Apple is developing so-called touch and display driver integration (TDDI) single-chip solutions for its many devices.Such a development by Apple's in-house design experts will have a significant impact on the global semiconductor industry landscape, the sources told the newspaper.These TDDI single-chip solutions will have integrated fingerprint sensors, creating an integrated ultra-thin and ultra-narrow display unit, and with a whole plane design that eschews a home button.The worldwide semiconductor industry is undergoing a new wave of consolidation. Since 2015, several big mergers and acquisitions have been announced, including Avago's planned acquisition of Broadcom, a major Apple supplier.In February, South Korean biometric sensor developer CrucialTec announced it had completed a patent process for fingerprint sensors that will feature under smartphone touchscreens.