OSPT Alliance has announced that Americaneagle.com has upgraded its membership from Associate to Full, in line with its increased technical and commercial focus on CIPURSE, the Alliance's non-proprietary open standard.Americaneagle.com provides online solutions and integrated fare collection systems to a global client base. Having joined OSPT Alliance in March 2016, the company has upgraded its membership to join the organisation's working groups and board of directors, allowing it to contribute to the technical outputs and strategic direction of the organisation. President and general counsel of Americaneagle.com, Michael Svanascini, will join the OSPT Alliance board of directors with immediate effect."Open, non-proprietary standards have the potential to transform the fare collection industry and drive innovation – especially in the US," says Svanascini. "Having already developed a smart card solution on CIPURSE, we're convinced of the standard's value to the market. Moving forward, we're also keen to expand into HCE-based solutions, something the Alliance has real expertise in; becoming a full member was a natural next step for us to realise these ambitions and drive the standard forward in-line with both our needs and our customers'." "Full membership offers real value to our community, and it's great to see Americaneagle.com use the opportunity to upgrade its membership," says Philippe Martineau, president of the Board at OSPT Alliance. "As both a participant of our working groups and as a member of the board, Americaneagle.com will undoubtedly bring invaluable expertise and vital market insight to support our growing presence in North America and inform our technical outputs."