AimBrain, a Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) platform today announced that it had been awarded UK Patent GB2539705 (A) for its technical process that enables greater precision in biometric authentication.The patent means that a user can be authenticated by the way they look, sound and behave across a wide range of scenarios, by clustering distinctive data and creating an extensive range of context-based templates for an individual.In a statement, the firm said the patented process, which is the result of several years' research and development into deep learning and biometric modelling, relates to two specific, entirely automated, sub-processes.The first sub-process recognises and classifies various voice, face and behavioural contexts – which could be lighting conditions (for face), noise (for voice) and a range of indicators such as movement (for behavioural), and the second sub-process applies these contexts to an individual, generating a virtually unlimited number of templates against which they can be authenticated.Alesis Novik, CTO and Co-Founder of AimBrain, designed the patent as part of the company's wider patent and technology strategy, and believes that it is the key differentiator between AimBrain and other processors of biometric data. “This patent enables AimBrain to develop a more detailed mathematical construct of each user; how they look, sound or behave across a broad range of settings. This highly specific data is clustered and linked, to build a unique, unbreachable digital identity, so that we can authenticate this person quickly and seamlessly whenever they interact with their bank, in virtually any environment.”The process, developed by AimBrain – which is part of the Level39 community of high growth tech companies – connects detailed clusters of data about an individual, and uses these as a basis for authentication, dramatically reducing the instances of false positives (access granted to a bogus user) and false negatives (access denied to a genuine user). Peter Reynolds, Chief Commercial Officer at AimBrain, summarises the benefits to financial institutions. “We know that the consummate goal for financial institutions is finding the delicate balance between security and the customer experience. Figuratively speaking, AimBrain's technology and processes build a higher resolution picture of a user, to enable faster, more accurate authentication across a range of contextual environments. This precision in authentication is so far unmatched; locking out fraud and improving the customer's experience with the bank across all channels.”