Domestic telecoms firm the Afghan Wireless Communication Company has announced that it will use the biometrics-backed MyMoney mobile payments service for government salaries.Partially funded by USAID, the project will operate under a joint strategic partnership between New Kabul Bank and Maiwand Bank to work with the Government of Afghanistan's Ministry of Finance.AWCC said in a statement that this mobile payments initiative is part of a broader effort to empower citizens with alternatives to cash, which reduce corruption, improve governance and increase financial and economic security.”Improving payroll distribution to government employees in districts and villages is a big challenge for the government,” said Mohammad Aqa Kohistani, Afghanistan's Director General for Treasury. “This is an important initiative toward creating a modern and efficient digital payment network that uses an identification system to promote ease of transactions and help foster broad-based economic growth.”Banking in Afghanistan remains difficult, as only 10 percent of the country's citizens have access to banks.AWCC has an estimated 4.4 million mobile subscribers or 22.1 % market share. It has partnered with Maiwand bank on POS terminals with biometric (thumb and photo) capabilities.