The nonprofit ADI Association announced public availability of the Specification for Accountable Digital Identity (ADI). The Specification is available here for public review and establishes interoperable, privacy-preserving accountability as a central pillar of digital identity. The Specification was created and tested by the ADI Association membership, which consists of thirty organizations across healthcare, financial services, and technology.

“As a member of the ADI Association Board, our research team at CVS Health has examined and contributed to the ADI Specification from day one,” said Vanteya Pandit, VP of IT Retail Systems at CVS Health. CVS Health is now conducting the first pilot based on the ADI Specification, using a reference implementation developed by Digital Trust Networks. “The ADI Specification leverages blockchain technology to create an interoperable ecosystem that allows disparate businesses with segregated systems to each have an accurate view of the individuals they are serving.”

Central concepts of the ADI Specification

Central to the ADI Specification are the concepts of privacy-preserving accountability and interoperability. Privacy-preserving accountability allows companies to spot fraud by combining verified identity and individual consent to validate information without compromising user privacy. Interoperability enables companies to participate in the ADI ecosystem and adopt decentralized identity without disrupting their existing identity infrastructure. In healthcare, this approach could reduce identity fraud, close gaps in care, and improve the management of patient consent and delegation.

“The ADI community is fixing digital identity, with an emphasis on accountability and interoperability,” said Abbie Barbir, Co-Founder of ADI Association. “The work of our members has laid the groundwork for global adoption, finally putting in place a system of trust and accountability for our digital lives.”

“The modularity of the ADI Specification enabled us to build a reference implementation that a customer can easily integrate using just a few API calls,” said Suresh Batchu, Co-Founder and President of Digital Trust Networks.

The ADI Specification embraces industry standards from multiple standards bodies, including Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), FIDO Alliance, and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).