The World Travel & Tourism Council has partnered with the federal government of Aruba for a biometric trial.The new trial is an extension of the Aruba Happy Flow, a seamless passenger facilitation programme launched in 2015.It will enable travellers to move more efficiently, faster and more securely through every part of the travel experience, using biometric technology throughout the entire traveller journey with pilot participants. According to the latest WTTC research, the tourism sector contributes 10.4 per cent of global GDP and 319 million jobs to the world.With an investment in new aviation infrastructure, including runways, terminals and new technologies such as biometrics, WTTC estimates that between 12 million and 31 million additional tourism jobs could be created across the world by 2028.Due to launch in 2020, the Aruba Happy Flow hotel and car rental extension will allow travellers to trial the application of biometric technology at every stage of the travel process, from arrival, border management, collecting the car rental and checking in at the hotel.Gloria Guevara, WTTC president, commented: "Our Seamless Traveller Journey programme's vision is that the traveller will no longer need to provide personal information and passport details on multiple occasions."Instead, their entire journey will be seamless, faster and more enjoyable throughout."Biometrics will work at every touchpoint of the journey to make travelling easier, while providing border services with greater security. "We commend the government of Aruba's commitment and taking advantage of the very latest cutting-edge biometric technology and look forward to supporting their work."We call on other governments to take inspiration from Aruba's efforts and to test the technology already available to see what works best for their needs."