Hong Kong-based biometrics firm World Wide Touch Technology plans to launch FingerQ at CES 2016, a range of products featuring sensors developed by its strategic partner, Norwegian fingerprint technology firm IDEX.The FingerQ product line is a biometric security system consisting of a range of mobile peripherals and a proprietary secure software solution.Idex noted in a statement that the Q-stick incorporates the IDEX small area Cardinal touch sensor, while Q-lock and Q-card have integrated the IDEX Ciris swipe sensor solution and software algorithms.The three products are built based on WWTT's patented secure biometrics key infrastructure technologies and cover secure wireless and contactless remote identification, secure and convenient locks and secured USB storage, added the statement.Idex has confirmed that it will also demonstrate a full suite of its fingerprint sensor technology at CES in Las Vegas on January 6-9.