German high-end secure lamination plate firm VTT plans to present a "perfect, cost saving" solution for RFID card production at the SDW 2015 show in London, the company has revealed.Developed in response to a significant increase of RFID card production in the US and around the world, the VTT- Duro 900plus lamination plates offer a number of innovations, the firm said in a press release.VTT- Duro 900plus has a core hardness of HV 400 and features VTT-DIAplus technology with a surface hardness of HV 900.The tech "offers an extreme increase of lifetime versus all other materials like nickel- and chromium-plated lamination plates made out of brass and mild stainless steel", wrote VTT.The company has revealed results of tests conducted by the Institute Leibniz Universität Hannover, saying it carried out a disc deterioration test with a Tribometer. A material disc rotated at steady speed in the Tribomter while a pin of predefined material (AISI 304) was pressed onto the disc with a steady downward force."These stainless steel lamination plates with a thickness of 0.8 mm only are perfect for production of RFID cards, due to no chip and antenna image transfer, " wrote VTT."There are no dents and stripes. They are not only scratch-resistant, but also fully resistant to all damages that can occur in the card lamination processߪ With a lifetime that exceeds at least five years these plate are an optimum solution to optimize card production. "