Viky Manaila was among a vast ecosystem of identity managers and visionary experts at Identity Week Europe 2023, on behalf of the Cloud Signature Consortium.

The Consortium has developed standards with an open source license for cloud-based digital signatures, in support of the EU Commission’s eIDAS 2.0 Regulation.

Their standard facilitates the highest level of technical assurance and affirms value in the technology, providing interoperability and acceptance from providers and government entities. With constantly evolving technology, Viky says that the Consortium is forming the basis of revised regulations and standards for cloud based signatures.

The European digital identity wallet market offers different capabilities to integrate digital signatures with legal value for document signing use cases.

Its supporting eIDAS regulation is undergoing a major revision, with the CSC specification in agreement, to enable immediate usage and adoption of digital signatures within EU digital wallet context.

Digital signatures are easy to provide and integrate as an extra capability for users within wallets with unlimited use cases to maximise the user-friendly experience.

Standardisation bodies are providing specifications for different aspects of digital trust services and cloud technologies that go hand-in-hand with the standards developed by The Cloud Signature Consortium. .