Identity solutions firm Valid USA has been awarded a five-year contract for a biometric enrollment and central issuance system for driver's licenses and identification cards in Washington.The project planning and development will start this month, with enrollment and card production starting in August 2016.Under the five-year enrollment and card production contract, Valid will manufacture and issue approximately 1.7 million secure credentials each year."We are very pleased to be selected by Washington's Department of Licensing and for our company it's an important step demonstrating we are a relevant player in the US market," said Jose Roberto Mauro, Valid's CEO.The services Valid will provide include: secure card manufacturing, card personalization and issuance, facial recognition, photo capture, and gated issuance.The implementation of these services will be primarily through the use of Valid's proprietary browser based enrollment, workflow management, facial recognition, and card printing software called WebLink ID."We are looking forward to working with Valid to continue improving the security of our licenses and ID cards and make our issuance processes more efficient," DOL Director Pat Kohler said.