Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation (MDT) announced, on 15 April 2020, that the Cabinet of Minister of Ukraine approved a resolution on an experimental project for ePassport in the public service action portal.The MDT noted that ePassports will be analogous to paper documents and can be used to travel by plane or train, receive postal services, and conduct banking within the Ukraine.The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the regulation on electronic passports in the Diya application. "The passport smartphone will allow not to bring ID-cards and its extracts. If you do not have ID-card, we digitized the foreign biometric passport, which also identifies you. It provides the same rights and possibilities as the paper one, which acts inside the country. The number of Ukrainians with foreign biometric passports significantly exceeds the number of owners of ID-cards. It means that the majority of the citizens will be able to use e-passport for their identification," the message said.However, the MDT highlighted that all documents in the Action mobile application are only valid in Ukraine.