Britain's Home Secretary has pointed out that biometric tracking will be used on any Syrian refugees, responding to concerns following devastating terrorist attacks in Paris.Refugees from Syria coming to the UK will be screened on two levels and the UK is making sure they are checked, Theresa May has insisted.”First of all, we are taking people of course directly from camps. We are working with UNHCR [the UN High Commissioner for Refugees]”, she said on the Andrew Marr show.”UNHCR take biometrics, they look at documents, they interview people. They do their own process of screening against issues like war crimes and serious criminality.”Then there is a further check that is done once people are referred to the UK. The Home Office then undertakes further checks, further biometrics are taken.”In August, Britain's government said EU member States must respect their obligations and work together to tackle attempts by others to thwart the correct application of fingerprinting laws on illegal migration.In response to an EU commission document on the matter, London's Home Office said groups of irregular migrants and asylum seekers from certain countries of origin, notably Eritrea and Syria, have refused to cooperate in being fingerprinted by Member State authorities.