UK Biometrics Commissioner Professor Paul Wiles has said the police should delete millions of facial images it keeps.Wiles said the country's government is also stalling on creating rules on the way they store data.This enables the police to hold huge quantities of pictures featuring innocent people, and undermine the nation's policy of policing by consent, said Wiles.He also expressed his concern it was up to the police to decide how the technology is used, with facial recognition equipment set to be deployed at the upcoming Notting Hill carnival across the bank holiday weekend.Speaking to Sky News, Professor Wiles said it was time “for Parliament to decide” how to legislate the police's use of biometrics, noting a Government debate on the issue is currently four years behind schedule.He said: “I think it's now got to the point where it really is urgent for the Government to publish that strategy and say whether it intends to create a legislative framework for the use of facial images.”Meanwhile Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb said “the public has a right to be part of this” debate to reassure the nation over the use of facial recognition technology.