Rebranding from Yinda Infocomm in 2021, TOTM technologies changed its direction to rolling out biometric, decentralised technology, attuned with the future of digital identity.

The Group has applied biometric solutions to public and private projects across Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Africa and, now, teaming up with, plan to scale up development and deployment of their combined proprietary technologies to drive digital adoption across these territories and capture a global market.

TOTM technologies maintains one of the largest biometrics National ID databases internationally, enrolling over 200 million citizens.

Presight is the leading AI and predictive intelligence company specialising in Big Data, Analytics and Machine learning.

The global market for Automatic Identification and Data Capture is valued at USD 100 billion, providing decentralised solutions which allow individuals more freedom and control over the digital identification process, through fingerprint, facial and voice recognition technology. In sectors where security and safety of information is a must, such as banking, travel, governmental schemes and healthcare, AI and biometrics has streamlined the process of authenticating populations.

With Europe and the West already ahead with the rollout of biometrics, TOTM and Presight will ensure the high-performance technology and AI capabilities benefit customers and citizens in developing countries where a priority in the banking sector is to allow citizens to open bank accounts.

Announcing the partnership, Thomas Pramotedham, CEO of Presight said: “We are excited to partner with TOTM to develop, integrate and deploy biometric AI solutions within the public safety, healthcare and fintech in the region.”

“Together, this partnership is uniquely positioned to further drive our clients and the region in their digital transformation journeys and elevate the digital ecosystem to deliver long-term and sustainable value with our combined technologies. A robust and dynamic digital identity platform is an essential cornerstone to develop a stronger and more inclusive, safer and resilient digital society. TOTM has a deep appreciation for our value proposition and adds strong execution experience and robust technology platforms for identity management and biometrics. We look forward to our future partnership,” Thomas Pramotedham adds.

“We are excited to be partnering with Presight.AI to jointly develop new business opportunities in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We look upon these markets as a multi-faceted and complex sandbox, offering unique opportunities for both companies to identify and curate suitable digital ID, biometric AI and Big Data Analytics solutions especially in the areas of public safety, healthcare and fintech. We look forward to combining our expertise and unique strengths to delivering these high performance, biometric AI solutions to our clients,” said Mr. Pierre Prunier, CEO & Executive Director of TOTM Technologies.

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