TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, opened a subsidiary in Australia. The new entity will provide a strong presence in the Australian market through a network of partners across the country. 


All TECH5’s technologies will be available to its Australian partners, including its flagship offering, T5-Digital ID, and its latest innovation for mobile devices, T5-AirSnap, a fully contactless biometric capture technology powered by AI and deep learning for face and fingerprint biometric modalities.

TECH5 CEO, Machiel van der Harst, says – “We fully share the position of the Australian Government that digital identity is a key enabler for a safe and thriving digital economy. Technologies for digital ID are the number one strategic focus of TECH5, and we are looking forward to proving the efficiency of our offerings in helping to provide Australian citizens with digital identities of the future.” 

In accordance with the Digital Transformation Agency of Australia, the role of digital identity is to help Australians verify their identity in a safe and secure way as well as to access government and other services online. “Complementary to the existing concepts and offerings, TECH5 brings to the Australian market the technologies to make digital identity efficient online and offline in both electronic and printed format.” – says Samier Dandan, Managing Director TECH5 Australia. “T5-Digital ID addresses one of the most common needs of digital identity management – connecting a digital identity to its owner biometrically” – comments Mr. Dandan.

TECH5 technologies put the identity usage in the hands of its owner, the citizen. Identity data is protected through strong encryption, is irreversible by design, and uses advanced liveness detection algorithms seamlessly to prevent unauthorized access. With protection by design, citizen ownership, and layers of security, TECH5 technologies provide a greater level of trust between citizens, governments, and service providers.

In addition, TECH5 technologies are customizable, allowing partners to create flexible solutions for their organizations. Furthermore, TECH5 technologies have been trained on diverse datasets, and as such, algorithms remain invariant across different nations, age groups, and genders, eliminating bias along lines of age, race, ethnicity, and even gender transformation. As a result, TECH5 technologies maximize the inclusion of individuals with effortless, affordable, and secure AI-driven intellectual property across our 3 biometric modalities.

TECH5 Australia has recently deployed its first government project and is now in the process of onboarding new partners in the region.