Tactilis has announced that referencing last year's partnership publication, the Government of Madeira and technology group Tactilis, now based on complete systems developed, will proceed with pilots of a new digital identity platform that enables a wide range of safe, secure and efficient id-related transactions for citizens in Madeira.The Power of Touch Ltd, a consortium of Madeira's leading system integrators (MC- Computadores, Sa., represented by JosÉ Pedro Silva Morgado, XGT-Soluções Informáticas SA., represented by Luis Duarte Pontes Sousa da Silva and Gestools ASP-Gestão Online Lda., represented by Jorge AndrÉ Ribeiro Dias Fernandes), responsible for the system development and deployment have now placed an initial Purchase Order for 3400 cards and 600 wireless card readers/carriers to serve the 'Smart Island' program that initially comprises of twelve projects involving education, healthcare, port security, transport, payments, tourism and a wide range of government services.The key enabler for the program is Tactilis' high security biometric system-on-card (BSoC) product – a credit card sized computer that guarantees a user's identity for a multitude of daily security related transactions. The card can be carried in a wallet or purse much like any common ID or bank card, yet incorporates a government grade fingerprint sensor (NEXT Biometrics), 4GB of internal storage memory, a powerful microprocessor and standard smartcard chip which enables it to be used with conventional terminals already deployed throughout society.Whilst the card is highly advanced it is simple and convenient to use – a single touch of the sensor located on the face of the card authenticates the owner's identity and proceeds with the desired transaction ubiquitously without the need to remember complicated and vulnerable passwords or pin numbers. The system ensures secure management of the card holder personal credentials and data. And, effectively the owner's private data is continually protected.For widespread mobility, the card can be used with a slim Tactilis' card reader/carrier, allowing seamless operation in the workplace, at home, in stores or outdoors, whenever and wherever there is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC or USB connectivity.From a security and privacy standpoint, the Tactilis card's biometric identity system employs decentralized architecture, meaning that the rightful owner's fingerprint biometrics are stored securely in their own personal card – kept in their own wallet – protected by their own fingerprints and are not needed in a centralized database, which is potentially vulnerable to cyberattacks/manipulation.The concept of the card's usage in Madeira is to ensure that its citizens have trusted access to both physical locations and a wide and fast-growing range of digital based services. By providing a common, convenient-to-use, digital identity platform to all segments of the community the technology will advance Madeira internationally as a modern trusted society. The implementation of the solution also ensures that Madeira's government and citizens will be adequately equipped to securely participate in emerging technology trends such as cryptocurrency, shared economy platforms and in the use of blockchain.The "Smart Island' program is financially supported by the Madeira government and the European Union, and aims to set a new higher-level standard for trusted transactions and secure personal data management in modern Smart Cities. In order to deliver localized services to citizens in an efficient and controlled manner, Tactilis plans to work with local partners in Madeira and in mainland Portugal to both manufacture cards domestically and develop a wide variety of user applications. The manufacturing facility will also supply countries throughout the EU using local talent from Portugal.Statement from President: "The Government of Madeira is very enthusiastic about the vast possibilities for this technology and its ability to make the life of Madeirans more convenient, safe and secure. At the same time, it will enable our government and related agencies to deliver a wider range of services securely whilst managing their operations more efficiently. Madeira is well positioned to pioneer this technology to the rest of the world. We now look forward to seeing the first pilots start early next year and the full roll-out commencing later in 2020."Statement from Michael Gardiner : "Tactilis is delighted to see the program in Madeira proceeding. We remain committed to work hand in hand with The Power of Touch and the Madeira Government to deliver a digital identity platform that will bring many great advantages to Madeira and its people."