Human interface firm Synaptics has announced that four of its fingerprint ID products, including the recently announced Match-in-Sensor solution, have officially been named FIDO Certified by the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance.The FIDO-certified Synaptics products are the VFS7500S (Match-in-Sensor), the VFS7500 (Match-on-Host), the FS4200 (Match-on-Host) and the VFS6100 (Match-on-Host).”Synaptics is innovating by developing fast, convenient and most importantly, highly secure fingerprint ID solutions that are aligned with FIDO Alliance's mission to change the nature of online authentication through standards,” the company said in a statement.Earlier this year the firm also released a “Match-in-Sensor SoC” solution which is isolated from the vulnerable host processor, where managing of fingerprint image enrollment, pattern storage and biometric matching is completed within the SoC itself to provide ultimate protection against threats.”As a founding board member of the FIDO Alliance, Synaptics has helped to pave the way for adoption of password-free authentication through our strong portfolio of biometric solutions,” said Ritu Favre, senior vice president and general manager, Biometric Products Division (BPD), Synaptics. “By providing FIDO Certified solutions, our customers can expand their partner network and take full advantage of the market growth opportunity for biometrics security solutions.””Synaptics, a founding member of FIDO Alliance, has provided consistent leadership, participation and commitment to the development of the FIDO standards and market adoption programs,” said Brett McDowell, executive director, FIDO Alliance. “Providing FIDO Certified solutions strengthens the ecosystem of FIDO solutions being brought to the marketplace and accelerates broad adoption worldwide.”